Delta Kat has been playing progressive psytrance and old school Goa for over 6 years now and is one of the pioneers in Miami FL, spreading the love and healing vibes of psychedelic music through out the world including Israel, Bali, and South Africa.



DEMI aka DMITRIY PARTYEVSKIY was among the first pioneering trance DJs in Ukraine in the late 90’s. After travelling to India, DJing at parties in Goa and meeting up with interesting partypeople at exotic places, Dmitriy fully embraced the trance movement.


DEMI has performed his stunning sets at numerous parties and festivals across the USA, India, Russia, and Ukraine, performing on the same stage with world stars such as Infected Mushroom(USA), Andromeda & Chromosome (Sweden), Terrafraktyl (Australia), Talamasсa (France), Alien Project (Israel), S-Range (Sweden), Phony Orphants (Sweden), Space Cat (Israel), and Yahel (Israel). In collaboration with Arjuna, he released the psytrance collection V.A. NYKTO on Dharma Kshetra Records in 2007. That year, DEMI also became a part of Vertigo Records (Russia). DEMI is a well-known master of depicting various music genres – ethno-tribal-fusion-lounge as well as moving and grooving techno, minimal, psychedelic and progressive trance dance.

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Visualizing sounds and eloquently delivering for your perceptive pleasure. 



Brazilian born João Travensouro is JCMT. Electronic music has always been a passion in João’s life and because of that he decided to create his very first project, bringing an incredible energy to every set taking the crowd to the top!

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Kokanje was introduced to psytrance parties and festivals in Europe in 2004. After several years of reveling in the lively European psy scene, she began organizing events in the Netherlands. Now living in Miami, she leads the Prophets of Psy on their mission to bring psytrance to South Florida. She may be seen behind the decks playing new- and old-school goa, but is most often found stomping her cares away on the dancefloor.

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Seamstress extraordinaire.


Otter Clan. Choreographing energy across the Full Spectrum of Being. Support staff.


SCI-SET is the dance music project of Mike Kopping, a classically trained pianist and bass player turned DJ/producer. While focusing on the importance of freedom through education, SCI-SET combines science and spirituality into an elevating musical experience.

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Psytrance lover since 2006. Following the progressive psytrance genre. His sets are based on modern synths and elaborated bass, making its grooves unique, energizing, and explosive. This combination generates an evolving atmosphere, bringing the dance floor to a constant harmony. Always showing his evolution at his shows being influenced by Vertical Mode, Side Effects, Symbolic, Zen Mechanics. Sia is also one of the founders of Brazilian event projects Secret Attack, Positiva PVT, and Encontro.

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